Slicing Machines

  • Chocolate Shaver

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    Chocolate Shaver

    Chocolate Shaver;QM-210.Easy to set and operate.Shave chocolate chips with thickness rang 0,1 to 3 mm.Read More

  • Sandwich Slicer

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    Sandwich Slicer

    Sandwich Slicer;EOSMJ-20.Efficient,fast speed and silent.Slicing thickness can be easily adjusted by handwheel.With the safety cover.The blade can be kept clean by the crumb scraper.Read More

  • Toast Slicer

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    Toast Slicer

    Toast Slicer;EOSMG-302,EOWSK-31,EOWSK-39.Save labor that only one personnel is needed for operation.The labor intensity is lessened with the automatic operation mode.Suitable for both soft and heavy bread.Read More

  • Bread Slicers

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    Bread Slicers

    Bread Slicer;SM-52B,SM-52C,SM-52D,SM-52E,SM-52F,SM-52G.Used for slicing the toast and baguette etc.Stainless steel in all food contact areas.Read More

  • Bread Band Slicer

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    Bread Band Slicer

    Bread Band Slicer;SMS-30.High Capacity:Max.1,800 loaves per hour or 3 loaves per minute .Work speed is adjustable.It has bag blower to open bags of toasts.Read More

  • Bun Slicer

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    Bun Slicer

    Bun Slicer;SM-313,SM-513.Designed for slicing the bun.the bun can be sliced into two pieces.Adjustable slicing thickness.Sanitary,easy to clean and keep it clean.Read More

  • Horizontal Slicer

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    Horizontal Slicer

    Horizontal Slicer;HS-3,HS-3S.This top conveyor facilitates the transport of the products to the cutting knives.The machine can cut the products in different layers at the same time.Read More

  • Cake Slicer

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    Cake Slicer

    Cake Slicer;CT-808,CT-808T.Machine is out of stainless steel and fixed with safety cover,meeting safety and sanitary request.Standard machine provides one piece of 400x600mm plate for sponge cake,and one piece of 14''plate for birthday cake.Read More

All slicing machines products we bring here are made in China and come in low price. We're one of leading manufacturers and suppliers specialized in slicing machines. If you're interested, welcome to order the cheap customized with our factory.