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Correct use and precautions for electric oven

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 08, 2019

1. Use of baking tray and grilling net

The baking tray is mainly used for baking hamburger steak, chicken, duck, cookies, bread, etc.; baking net can be used for baking peanuts, sunflower seeds and other foods; baking cakes should be grilled nets and cake mold boxes; when grilling fish Use both the grill and the baking tray (put the grill on the baking tray and put the fish).

2. Procedures for using the automatic electric oven

(1) Putting the food to be baked into a baking tray that has been rubbed with cooking oil;

(2) Plug in the power plug;

(3) Screw the transfer switch to the full load position, that is, heat up and down at the same time, and turn the thermostat to the desired temperature position.

After a certain period of time, the indicator light goes out, indicating that the oven has reached the preheating temperature.

(4) Put the baking tray with the food to be baked into the oven with a fork.

(5) When automatic timing control is required, the timer is screwed to the predetermined baking time; if automatic timing control is not required, the timer is screwed to the "long connection" position.

(6) During the baking process, it should be observed at any time whether the parts of the food are heated evenly. If necessary, use the handle fork to turn the baking tray in the direction.

(7) When the grilling arrives within the predetermined time, turn the transfer switch and thermostat back to the “off” position, unplug the power plug, remove the food, and after the oven is cooled, wipe the oven cavity, the door and the accessories. 

3. Things to be aware of when using the electric oven

(1) The temperature of the top of the electric oven and the door of the oven are relatively high. Do not touch the hand when using it; be sure to use the handle fork when handling the baking tray. Do not touch the heater or other parts of the furnace chamber to avoid burns.

(2) The electric oven heater has a certain thermal inertia. After the power is turned on, the surface of the heater reaches the normal working temperature after 2-3 minutes; when the power is off, it takes a certain time to cool down. Understand the characteristics of the heater, so that the heater power can be turned on or off as appropriate according to the degree of baking of the food.

(3) Before putting the food into the oven, be sure to preheat the oven.

(4) Due to the heat dissipation of the furnace door, the degree of food baking near the door of the furnace is always slightly weaker. In order to make the food of each part of the baking tray evenly baked, the baking tray can be turned in the direction of baking for half of the time, and then continue. bake.

(5) In order to use electricity safely, the electric oven should have a good grounding wire.

(6) After each use of the electric oven, be careful to wipe clean after cooling. The baking tray and baking net can be washed with water, but the furnace door and the oven cavity and outer casing should not be washed with water. Wipe with a dry cloth. Bakeware, baked on the grilled food, juice, baked, charcoal, difficult to wash, can be wiped off with cuttlefish bone water or detergent.