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Information Of Baozi Making Machine

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 17, 2018

Baozi making machine, is the fermented dough and mix well with the fillings into the machine, processing buns food machinery. According to the need to configure additional equipment and noodle machine, mixer, pressing machine, meat grinder, shredder, dicing machine, chopper, filling machine, mix stuffing machine, proofing boxes and other equipment.

Baozi making machine maintenance

1, the machine after each class should be cleaned, because things in contact with food must ensure that it is clean.

2, sent to fill the body and insert the blade should be prohibited in the dismantling of hard objects hit, hit, pry and other bad operations.

3, back to clean the blade, please pay attention to placement.

4, before turning on the blade by adding a little edible oil or grease, while the transmission should also be injected into the amount of edible oil.

5, each slot in the cam groove grease plant once.

6, each ministries bearing a washable wash.

7, gear motor, please follow the regular maintenance of mechanical and electrical products.