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The Second Stage Of The Development Of Food Machine

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 21, 2018

In the 50-70s, the food processing industry and the food machinery industry achieved great development. A number of second-phase large-scale food processing plants were established throughout the country, especially the production plants for flour, rice, and edible oil. Basic mechanized industrial production methods are basically achieved in most major grain processing plants. However, the food processing factories in the same period are still in semi-manual and semi-manual production methods. Mechanical processing is only used in some key and major processes, while other production processes still use traditional manual operations. In line with the development of the food industry at this stage, the food machinery industry has also experienced rapid development. Newly established developments throughout the country have led to a batch of domestically produced food and food machinery manufacturers. After nearly 30 years of development in the domestic food machinery industry, the domestic food machinery can basically meet the needs of the development of China's food industry. This stage has made significant contributions to the realization of industrialized food production. The food machinery industry has initially formed an independent mechanical industry.