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The main working mechanism of the labeling machine

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 04, 2018

The main working mechanism of the labeling machine consists of the labeling device, the device for taking labels, the printing device, the gluing device and the interlocking device.

For the standard device. The labeling device refers to the spell that can send the label paper according to certain process requirements during the labeling process. It is usually composed of a bin and a push device, and the bin is a device for storing a label, also called a standard box. It can be designed to be fixed or oscillating according to requirements. Its structure is in frame type and cassette type, and cassette type is more used. It is mainly composed of a bottom plate and two side plates. The distance between the two side plates is adjustable to adapt to the change of the size of the label. The adjustment generally adopts a screw device. The front of the front of the barrel is provided with a stopper claw, which has needle shape, claw shape or Comb tooth shape and other different forms of structure, its role is to prevent the label from falling from the bin, and in the process of taking the label can be separated by label. There is a push device in the standard warehouse so that the label on the front can be continuously replenished. Common labeling devices are shown in several forms. Fig. 7-la shows the trolley type. The standard box is designed to be inclined. When the bid is pushed, the tilt angle and the weight of the trolley determine the driving force of the label stack. Figure 7-lb is a hammer type. The standard box is horizontal. The weight of the push button determines the weight of the weight. When the label is added, it needs to stop. It is mostly suitable for vertical labeling machines. Figure 7-lc is a lever type. Its standard box is erected from the top surface for marking. The scalar force is determined by the size of the counterweight. With the reduction of the standard paper, the push dial automatically rises. It is suitable for horizontal labeling machines. It has a simple structure and high productivity, but the supplemental labels need to be shut down. Figure 7-ld is a spring type. The pusher pressure is the elastic force of the spring. It changes. When the label stack is thicker, the pressure is greater, and vice versa. Springs can be used as springs. When the labels are added, they need to be stopped. It is suitable for vertical labeling machines.