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Newest Chinese Momo Making Machine Of EO

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 27, 2017

Operation of steamed stuffed bun machine
Put finished mixed dough ball into dough hopper---put finished mixed fillings into fillings hopper---turn on main power--turn on forming button---turn on dough ball conveying button---turn on fillings conveying button ---pick up the already formed stuffed bun from the conveyor

Features & Advantages
1. The upgraded flour transmission system can transmit more dough.
2. The upgraded scroll stuffing feeding system make stuff more evenly and smoothly.It has solved the stuffing problem of instability.
3. The dough and stuff can adjust freely, easy to use and high accuracy.
4. The machine body are small and light, designed reasonable, easy to move.
5. The steamed stuffed bun machine is made by high quality stainless steel, in food hygiene standards.
6. The moulding machine can make 2200 per hour, within 25g-150g, and may adjust freely.