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Zhangye City Has Made A Huge Progress Of Animal Products In The Past 2 Years

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

It is understood that Zhangye City, relying on the development of animal husbandry leading enterprises in the project, capital, land, tax, credit and other aspects of the strong support, and actively cultivate a large number of large-scale, starting point, and farmer interests closely linked to livestock processing Enterprises, to create a number of well-known, high market share of well-known brands. Over the past two years, Zhangye for animal products processing enterprises subsidy project funds more than 600 million, to fight the country to invest 12 million yuan, strict implementation of seed subsidies, artificial grass, agricultural subsidies, credit support and a series of support animal products processing industry development Policy, formulated and implemented for the new livestock products processing enterprises to give a one - time award for the processing enterprises of the new loans to give interest subsidies for large cows beef cattle farms allocated forage base and other preferential policies.