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Legal System Construction Of Food Safety

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2017

Legal system construction is a long-term arduous work, China's food safety laws and regulations are facing the process of market economy to accelerate and adapt to the WTO situation and other challenges, therefore, to strengthen the food safety regulatory system is not only to ensure that the health needs of our consumers, The urgent need for work, is to speed up the development of convergence with the relevant laws, operable laws and regulations, and further improve China's food safety regulations. At the same time, to combine the level of health protection to consumers and the overall situation of domestic food safety, the use of risk analysis methods for comprehensive assessment, in accordance with international practice and the international Codex Standardization system, have revised and improved China's food hygiene standards system.

1.To strengthen food safety supervision and law enforcement work.

To strengthen the supervision of key areas and key products, the relevant administrative law enforcement departments and public security and judicial departments to further increase the intensity of illegal food production operators, increase the production of "source" governance efforts, according to the law firmly banned undocumented Unlicensed street vendors and individual industrial and commercial households, constitute a crime, and timely transfer to the public security departments to deal with. To implement the responsibility of local governments and health administrative departments, the implementation of accountability system. The Ministry of Health will further refine the conditions for the issuance of health permits, a clear health administrative departments of the legal responsibility for the issuance of health permits, and a nationwide health permit to carry out clean-up and rectification work, who do not have food production and management conditions, Deadline for rectification, the deadline for rectification is still not meet the requirements, to recover the health permit.

2.Change the supervision and management model, the establishment of food production and management enterprises quantitative management system.

We will actively absorb the international advanced food safety management experience, combined with China's actual situation, to take the guidance of classification, and gradually promote the principle of food production and operation enterprises in the implementation of HACCP management technology, the focus of supervision and management from the final product sampling transition to the whole process of production and management management. At the same time, according to the implementation of GMP and HACCP, according to the existence of pollution in food processing factors to determine the degree of risk, the food production and business units to implement quantitative assessment, dynamic management, to promote enterprise transformation or equipment updates, technology upgrades increase investment, will improve the level of production and management.