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How To Promote The Rapid Transformation And Upgrade Agricultural Products

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 22, 2017

Liu Zhaobin on the "Chinese agricultural brand growth path" of the topic talked about three views. He believes that in the current China, the establishment of brand development strategy is the only way of agricultural science development. This year on April 27, the State Council issued a document to determine the annual May 10 for the Chinese brand day. Brand is a combination of intangible assets and tangible assets, the brand is the image of the enterprises, the brand is the wealth of enterprises, the brand is the core competitiveness of enterprises.


For enterprises how to cultivate the brand, Liu Zhaobin said, is around the "three degrees" theory to build the brand of Chinese agricultural products. Visibility, loyalty and reputation. Grasp the reputation of the most important thing is to grasp the product sales and product promotion, because the wine is also afraid of alley deep; loyalty grasping product quality and technical level; reputation is the most important thing is to do a good job of corporate social responsibility and corporate core values.


"In recent years to vigorously develop the characteristics of agricultural products industry, has become the promotion of agricultural supply side of the structural reform, nurturing agricultural and rural development of new kinetic energy, improve agricultural efficiency and competitiveness of the important starting point, especially when the characteristics of agricultural products plug in the Internet wings , Through the integration of development, a lot of new patterns of new formats, but also brought unprecedented opportunities for development and challenges. "Chen Song said in the introduction of characteristic agriculture, and now our characteristic agricultural base is still relatively weak, the main strength of ecological management It is necessary to introduce a series of policies to support the characteristics of agriculture, industrial development, market circulation, security and security aspects of the policy, but also to promote the development of agricultural products, The key lies in the product to be differentiated, brand, the main letter to credit, to have credibility, in this regard work. The other is to strengthen the grassroots use of new talent training, and constantly stimulate the vitality and potential of the main market.