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Common Troubles And Elimination Methods Of Dumpling Machine

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 22, 2017

Failure one: Dumplings are linked together, not single.
Reason: The adjustment screw on the word board is loose, and there is a gap between the roller and the pay wheel.
Elimination: Evenly adjust the adjustment screws on the plate until there is no gap, but the pressure should not be too large to prevent the roll die rupture.

Trouble two: Dumpling side big side small.
Reason: The nose and the mouth are not in the opposite position.
Elimination Method: Adjust the roller die and pay the wheel around two nuts and forward to the mouth.

Trouble three: dumpling deformation ball.
Cause: There is a gap between the scraper and the wheel.
Elimination method: Tighten the screws under the scraping immediately.

Trouble four: Dumpling up
Reason: Noodles bucket does not leak surface, face tide;
Elimination method: Noodles best with dry flour, can not use moist flour, noodles can not have a surface ballast, tighten the screws on the plate. The mold is scrubbed clean.

Trouble five: Dumplings side broken side.
Reason: The adjustment screws on the side of the work-word board.
Exclude method: First the adjustment screws to loosen the side of the following, and then evenly adjusted on both sides