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The Working Principle Of The Tablet Press

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 22, 2017

Punching and stamping die in the process of pressure is very large, commonly used in bearing steel production, and heat treatment to improve its hardness, punching head of the type of many, the shape of the punch is determined by the shape of the pill.

According to the structure shape of the die can be divided into circular, irregular (including polygon and curve shape), the shape of the punch section is planar, hypotenuse, shallow concave, deep concave and integrated. Flat-shaped, hypotenuse-shaped punches are used to suppress flat cylindrical tablets, shallow concave to suppress the double convex tablets, deep concave-shaped mainly for the suppression of coated tablets of the chip, integrated form mainly used to suppress the shape of special shaped.

In order to facilitate the identification and use of drugs. At the end of the stamping die can also be engraved on the name of the drug, dosage and lines of the line and other signs, to suppress different dosage of tablets, should choose the appropriate size of the die.