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Steamed Bread Machine In Use

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 22, 2017

Through consulting some industry people found that although the speed of the steamed bread machine, but the use of the following issues:

1. Installation of the equipment. To ensure that the steamed bread production equipment to maintain a smooth, can not appear shaking situation, which affects the shape of steamed bread.

2. Maintain the surface hygiene of steamed bread making equipment. On the one hand, during the use of the dust, debris or dust attached to the surface in time, on the other hand, when not in use, but also covered with cloth.

3. Familiar with the technical parameters of steamed bread making equipment. In operation, once the technical parameters are found to be abnormal, it needs to stop running and continue operation after troubleshooting.

4. According to the actual needs, adjust or set up the relevant parameters of steamed bread, such as the size of steamed bread.