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Operation Mode Of Pastry Machine

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 22, 2017

1. The dough is rolled through two rollers and rolling surface device, so that the dough is more lustrous and the quality is more stable.
2. Each pressure surface wheel has a thickness adjustment device to create a dough to increase or decrease the weight of the product.
3. The dough is controlled by the control speed between the roller and the rolling thin device, so that the dough will not be blocked because of the fast speed of the host.
4. After the last host pressure surface wheel, the crust will fall on the host conveyor belt, and then through the rolling wheel and auxiliary rolls to roll the dough into strips.
5. If you want to produce cut products, you can open the separation of the power of the cutting table, and set its cut-off length to determine the length of the product size and weight.
6. With synchronous speed regulation function.

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