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Food Safety And Control In China1

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 23, 2017

Frist of all, according to reports, nearly 10 years, the development of China's food industry to an average annual increase rate of 10.2%, and in food consumption in China's living expenses accounted for about 40%. Through the efforts, the food hygiene situation of our country has improved significantly.

Statistics show that the food hygiene law (trial) before the implementation of 1982, food hygiene monitoring overall pass rate of 61.5%; food health law before the formal implementation of 1994, food hygiene monitoring overall pass rate of 82.3% last year, food hygiene monitoring The overall pass rate reached 88.9% from January to September this year, Beijing, Shanxi and Guangdong Province, the average food hygiene monitoring rate is about 90%. It is said that the overall situation of China's food safety is a steady upward trend.

Second, China's food safety is facing major problems although compared with the past, China's food safety situation has been significantly improved, but with the global economic integration, trade liberalization and tourism development, comparing China's food safety situation with other countries, facing many new challenges.