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The Problems Existing In The Food Production And Business Activities

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 25, 2017

The problems existing in the food production and business activities

1, Undocumented and illegal production and management of food problems are still serious. Fake and shoddy food are mainly from underground black factories or family workshops, and urban and rural areas of the bazaars are illegal production and operation of food distribution center. Some of the producers who have neither the site nor the equipment, are using very simple tools, and serious pollution of the poor raw materials, shoddy, which caused serious risks to food safety. Some "black dens" who under the protection of evil forces have nothing to fear, illegally add prohibited substances, create harmful food, pose a serious threat to the health of consumers.

2, Food production and management enterprises need to improve the legal awareness. Some enterprises do not cooperate with the health supervision, and some even refused to do the health supervision; some companies ignore the law, the abuse of food, and some of the enterprises even add harmful additives. Though some companies know the crime, they still sell metamorphic food. The use of toxic and harmful raw materials processing and production of food,which a serious threat to the health of consumers.

3, Food production and operating conditions and increasing food safety requirements are not suited to the problem has become increasingly prominent. Although China's food production and management enterprises are in a large number, but the general size is relatively small, and in some relatively simple conditions, also the production and processing technology is relatively falling behind. The quality standards and safety control is difficult to achieve further food hygiene requirements. Especially in product upgrades and technological innovation, it is difficult to become the main body of research and investment. Therefore, the food safety problem of small enterprises still makes a major aspect of China's food safety level.

4, The food practitioners health education has become a top priority.

With the acceleration of urbanization process, a large number of rural labor force into the city engaged in food production and management activities, but they generally lack of health knowledge, so poor health awareness, in accordance with the health norms of the ability to operate relatively weak, easily lead to food contamination and The occurrence of food poisoning.

These human factors have affected the safety of food, which should cause the whole society and food production operators attention. Only seriously implement the food hygiene law, so can we effectively control food safety.