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The Main Factors Affecting Food Safety In China

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

1, The main factors affecting food safety in China include: 1. Food-borne diseases caused by microbes are the most important factors affecting food safety in China. For example, in 1999 the National City Games occurred in 51 athletes of staphylococcal food in the event, it caused some of the competition had to be canceled.

In some areas, food poisoning caused by microbes has become a major problem that jeopardizes student health.

2, Agricultural cultivation, aquaculture sources of pollution threats to food safety more and more serious. Pesticides, veterinary drug abuse, resulting in food pesticides, veterinary drug residues is very prominent, mainly by the state banned the production and use of methamidophos, dibasic, fluoroacetamide, tetramine and other pesticides caused by food poisoning occurs The Pesticides, veterinary drugs can cause acute poisoning, pesticides, veterinary drug residues in the chronic accumulation, but also cause harm to human health.

3, Illegal production and management of food problems. These problems are mainly concentrated in the small and medium-sized cities, towns and large and medium-sized cities and towns in the urban and rural areas of some unlicensed enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households and family-style workshops, a fake and even selling fake distribution center. Directly endangering the people's health and life safety, the strong response from all walks of life.

4, The food industry in the application of new raw materials, new technology to food safety has brought many new problems. Such as modern biotechnology (GM), probiotics and enzyme preparation technology in food applications, the development of new food resources, both the international concern of food safety issues, but also we need to study and pay attention to the problem.

5, Industrial pollution led to environmental degradation, food safety poses a serious threat. Such as water pollution caused by the occurrence of food-borne diseases, sea pollution directly affect the quality of seafood hygiene, dioxin pollution is also closely linked with the environment.

6, With the progress of science and technology and the development of test technology, the original unknown toxic and harmful substances are being gradually recognized, the food safety control and technology put forward higher requirements, such as lead to mad cow disease prion, evil pollution, soy sauce, triopropanol pollution and other issues.