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Fake And Shoddy Food Problems Still Exist In China

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 29, 2017

Although the food crackdown has made a clear stage of the results, but we also clearly see that some places fake and shoddy food problems still exist, illegal production and management of food to the problem is still serious, the phenomenon of winds have occurred. Health administrative departments at all levels should correctly analyze the food safety situation, further clarify the task, strengthen the confidence and enhance the sense of responsibility, in accordance with the "five left off" principle pay close attention to major cases, the formation of high pressure combat situation, deter criminals , To take comprehensive management and long-term management measures, the food fake fight to further deep into the struggle. In addition, the health sector also with other ministries and commissions to further promote the participation of consumers on the control of food pollution, and jointly cultivate a good consumer environment and market environment (e) to carry out food contamination monitoring work, improve the food contaminant monitoring network.

Food safety management is based on risk analysis. With the continuous application of new technologies in food production, the risk of food safety is increasing, and this risk can only be identified and controlled by scientific means. China began in 2000 in 10 provinces and municipalities of 10 major categories of food in the heavy metal pollution monitoring, the eight major categories of food for the monitoring of organochlorine pesticide residues, three kinds of food for organic phosphorus pesticide residues monitoring, Six types of food were developed for the surveillance of Salmonella, Escherichia coli (0157: H7) and Listeria monocytogenes and other pathogens. In the future, we will further strengthen the monitoring network construction, improve the quality of fl control, to meet the needs of food safety management.

To expand the way consumers participate in food safety management and content, consumers are not only all kinds of food production and business activities of the service and consumer objects, but also an important participant in food safety management and supporters, has been authorized by law and protection. Article 5 of the Food Sanitation Law stipulates that "the state encourages and protects social organizations and individuals' social supervision of food hygiene" also stipulates that anyone who violates the law has the right to report and sue in the future food safety management, we continue to expand consumption to participate in food safety management of the way and content, to further improve the consumer participation in food safety management mechanism, so that consumers more involved in food safety legislation, law enforcement activities have more right to know, play the role of consumer social supervision.

To continue to strengthen the food health legal knowledge publicity and education work.

To make full use of the propaganda role of the news media, to promote, encourage and guide the market in accordance with the socialist market economic development and legal requirements, regulate their own behavior, and illegal business activities in a timely manner to be exposed to the community can not be based, Hiding. To improve the awareness of the importance of news publicity, change the concept, give full play to the role of the news media and public opinion, combined with the masses of the hot issues of concern to the major cases of public disclosure and alternative education. To take the initiative to publish the local food hygiene conditions, to accept the social supervision and management system is maturing, food safety is also facing many opportunities and challenges. We should take the important message of General Secretary Jiang as the guide, in accordance with the 'three representatives' requirements, and earnestly take the political responsibility to protect food safety, and further increase food health law propaganda, continue to take various measures, continue to consolidate and deepen the fruits of food fake fight, and strive to create a new situation in food safety management.