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The Knowledge Of Beverage Industry

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 08, 2018

The beverage industry is a new industry developed after the reform and opening up. In 1982, it was listed as a national plan management product, and the total national beverage output was 400,000 tons. For more than two decades, the beverage industry in China has grown from small to large and has begun to take shape. It has become one of the key industries in the food industry that have a certain foundation and can adapt well to market demands. The rapid development of the beverage industry has made due contributions to the development of the national economy and the improvement of people’s living standards. Beverages have become an indispensable consumer food in people's daily lives.

Beverage equipment emerged with the development of the beverage industry and developed with the development of the beverage industry. As early as 1890, the United States made a glass bottle filling machine. In 1912, it invented the crown capping machine and then produced a capping and capping device that integrates filling and capping. In the early 20th century, Germany also produced manual filling and capping machines.

Countries with higher levels of beverage equipment technology include Germany, the United States, Italy and Sweden. Although Japan started late in Asia, it is developing rapidly and has a place in the international market.

Aseptic cold filling technology is increasingly used in beverage production. Aseptic cold filling equipment originated in the United Kingdom, and then extended to the United States and European countries, mainly for the juice industry, has entered the dairy and other beverage filling market in the past decade.