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The Classify Of Food Packaging Machine

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 24, 2018

According to the function can be divided into single-function packaging machine and multi-functional packaging machine; according to the purpose of use can be divided into the packaging machine and packaging machine; according to the packaging can be divided into special packaging machine and general packaging machine; according to the level of automation is divided into semi-automatic machine And automatic machines.

Forming-filling-sealing packaging machine is a multifunctional packaging machine. After the material enters the top of the packaging machine, the metering section sends a fixed number of products to the material channel in sequence. When the reel wrapping material passes through the outer wall of the material passage, it is rolled into a cylindrical shape by the former, and the longitudinal sealer seams the longitudinal seam tightly. The cross sealer completes the top seal of the bag and the bottom seal of the next bag, becoming two welds. Because the material channel is wrapped in the packaging bag, the bottom seal can be directly welded to the bag, and then a station is moved to complete the top sealing and cutting with a cutter to complete the packaging process.

Roll packaging materials are single-layered and composite. Single layers such as moisture-proof cellophane, polyethylene, polypropylene, high-density polyethylene, composites such as stretched polypropylene/polyethylene, polyethylene/glassine/aluminum foil. There are also heat sealable materials. Packaging sealing type pillow seal, three-side sealing and four-side sealing. Cartoning machines are used for packaging of product sales.

The cartoning machine is a machine for product sales and packaging. It will meter a portion of the dosing material into the box and close or seal the opening of the box. The packing machine is used to complete the transportation and packaging. It packs the packing products into a box according to a certain arrangement and quantity, and closes or seals the opening portion of the box. Both the cartoning machine and the cartoner have the functions of container forming (or opening the container), metering, loading and sealing.

The typical process is: the filling machine positions the hose container, seals the end of the container after filling, and then sends it to the cartoning machine. The cartoning machine first shapes the box blanks, wraps the hoses with liners, and pushes them into the box to close the box opening. The small boxes are sent to the large box machine for stacking by the conveying device. After a predetermined number of stacks are stacked, the large box blanks form a container in a wrapper manner, while the small box is loaded thereinto, and the sizing sealing is performed. The large boxes are transported to the boxing machine for stacking, and are loaded into the opened box after reaching a predetermined amount. After the box is packed, the box cover is sizing and sealed by a sealing and gluing machine, and an adhesive tape is applied at the position where the cover tongue is evenly slit, or the box is tied tightly by using a strapping machine.