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Application Of Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 01, 2018

Mainly used for lotion, care solution, oral solution, disinfectant, eye lotion, nutrient solution, beverage, injection, pesticide, medicine, perfume, edible oil, lubricating oil and liquid filling in special industries.

2. DY single-head liquid filling machine is the product of the company's transformation and innovation based on foreign advanced filling machine technology. Its structure is more simple and reasonable, high precision and easy operation.

3, suitable for medicine, daily chemical, food, pesticide, beverage and special industries, is the ideal liquid filling equipment

4, The machine is semi-automatic piston type liquid filling machine

5, The machine is reasonable in design, the model is small and exquisite, the operation is convenient, the pneumatic part adopts the pneumatic components of Germany FESTO and Taiwan AirTac.

6, material contact parts are made of 316L stainless steel, in line with GMP

7, filling capacity and filling speed can be arbitrarily adjusted, high filling accuracy