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The baking market needs to develop core technologies

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 25, 2019

    In recent years, with the integration and adjustment of the baking industry, the competitiveness of baking machinery has become more and more important. From the past price competition to the research and development competition, improving the independent innovation ability will become an important support for improving the overall quality of baking machinery. It is necessary to intensify technological innovation and rely on major scientific and technological projects to break through core and key technologies.

    In addition, we must strengthen the construction of industrial talents, including entrepreneurs, professional and technical personnel, industrial workers, industrial talents, etc. In order to strengthen the capacity building of independent innovation and improve the overall quality of the industry, we can get rid of the development process. The accumulation of independent innovation capability, high dependence on external components, relatively backward development of high-end product technology and weak market development capabilities, the future development of the baking machinery industry has begun to become digital intelligent and ecological energy-saving.

    China's baking machinery industry must work hard on the research of core technologies. The government must pay attention to it. Enterprises must be willing to spend money. The key link is to organize team research to improve international competitiveness, increase exports and expand domestic demand. In addition, baked goods, in addition to bread, cakes, moon cakes, a wide variety, many baked goods have no dedicated production equipment.