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What are the advantages of hot air rotary oven?

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Hot air rotary oven For baked goods: bread, moon cakes, toast, French sticks, biscuits, snack products.

    According to the customer's energy supply, it can be divided into fuel type, gas type and electric type; the fuel machine adopts imported Japanese machine, which has the advantages of less fuel consumption (gas) and complete combustion; greatly reducing production cost.

    The electrical parts are all imported components. The equipment structure is reasonable and the operation is simple and convenient. Safe and reliable operation.

    The baking capacity can be baked 32 times at a time, the size of the baking plate: (400*600mm / 460*720mm)

    One person, one machine operation, the whole car enters and exits, and the baking efficiency is high.

    The special air duct design ensures sufficient convection and uniform temperature distribution in the furnace. There are also five sections of three-way adjustable air vents to meet the special requirements of different seasons for baking quality.

    There are two kinds of wind speed design: when the products are different, the hot air circulation speed can be freely selected, and the baking and roasting speed and quality can be achieved. When the door is opened, the automatic air extracting mechanism absorbs the hot air to prevent the hot air from hitting the person or affecting the operation.

    The door opener is automatically closed, which is convenient for the trolley to be launched and automatically rotates after closing the door.

    The sloping plate outside the furnace can be automatically lifted and lowered with the opening and closing of the door, taking into account the requirements of both the entry and exit of the trolley and the sealing and insulation.

    There is a timing alarm function to facilitate control of baking time.

    The temperature is automatically controlled and the temperature fluctuation is small.

    Heating and rotating, exhausting, fast and slow fans have abnormal monitoring devices, reliable protection, timely alarms, and correct position.