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New trends in the baking market bring new challenges to baking equipment

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 16, 2019

When it comes to geometry, bakeries are not common in the market, and cakes are only eaten when they are birthdays. Nowadays, the increase in disposable income of residents and the improvement of urbanization level have prompted the development of China's baking industry. There are various bakery shops and western cake houses in the streets. At the same time, refrigeration equipment such as refrigerators and fresh-keeping cabinets, as well as baking machines such as pastry machines and electric ovens, also provide technical support for the development of China's baking industry, and promote the mechanization of the baking market to some extent.

China's baking market will exceed 240 billion yuan in 2019

    From 2014 to 2015, baked goods have maintained growth in both production and sales, but compared with previous years, the growth rate has slowed down, and the profit margins of some sub-sectors have also declined. At the same time, competition in the industry has been further improved. Intensified. In this case, in order to achieve sustainable development, it is necessary to differentiate between products and business models. It is essential to understand industry information and new product trends so that rapid innovation can be achieved.

    In 2014, the annual output value of China's baking market has exceeded 140 billion yuan. Industry insiders predict that the market will have an average compound annual growth rate of 11% in 2015-2019 and more than 240 billion yuan in 2019. Among them, the total retail sales of bread bakery products in 2014 exceeded 24 billion yuan, accounting for 17% of the entire Chinese bakery industry; the total retail sales of cake bakery products exceeded 61 billion, accounting for nearly 44% of the Chinese baking market; The total retail sales of food products is about 54 billion, accounting for nearly 39% of the Chinese baking market.

Refrigeration equipment warms up the baking market in China

    Although China's cake market will maintain the fastest increase in the entire bakery market from 2015 to 2019, at present, China's baking market is less concentrated, and the market share of the top ten brands has continued to be less than 10% in recent years. Handmade baked goods are the mainstream of the Chinese bakery market and accounted for about 75% of the market in 2015. The main brands include Hollyland, Christine, 85 degrees C, and Bread New Language. Independent chain baking shops will have a larger market share, and shorter shelf life and fresher bulk baked goods will have a stronger development. And all of this has to be achieved, thanks to factors such as the development of cold chain logistics and online e-commerce channels.

    As we all know, in recent years, China's e-commerce platform has developed particularly rapidly, and fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables can be purchased through the Internet. With the increasing demand for baked goods by consumers, ice cream cakes and snow moon cakes are favored by consumers, and such foods have higher requirements for preservation and transportation. Therefore, it can only be achieved if the cold chain is constantly improving. Nowadays, the development of refrigeration equipment such as cold storage, fresh-keeping cabinets and refrigerators has greatly extended the sales radius of freshly baked cakes, which is very helpful for expanding the market scale.

New trends in the baking market bring new challenges to baking equipment

    Cold chain related equipment opens another sales channel for the baking market, and with the improvement of consumers' living standards and the strong demand for food health, the development of baked goods has also shown a new development trend. The shift in consumer attitudes has prompted residents to buy more products that focus on comprehensive nutrition. Whole-grain bread with dietary fiber and whole-grain bread such as corn are sought after by healthy people. It cannot be ignored that more and more consumers will make baked goods by paying more attention to food safety and other factors.

    At the same time, the increased demand for baking health not only means that the ingredients to be baked are more comprehensive and balanced, but also puts higher demands on the equipment involved in baking. For example, in the future, baking machinery needs to be more automated. It only needs a little finger, which kind of cakes to make, and what materials to add, can be done by the computer under the precise control. This functional demand will be more marketable with the popularity of home baking. The author has reason to believe that in the future, the baking market will inevitably develop towards mechanization, intelligence, and automation, and everyone can become a baker. However, the realization of these ideas requires the joint efforts of the relevant pastry machinery and baking machinery manufacturers to sublimate wisdom into production power and do their best for the development of China's baking market.