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Working principle of cotton candy machine

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 22, 2017

The successful processing of cotton candy is a filamentous object because the molecular structure of sugar is disrupted by cotton sugar machine processing, and the arrangement of sucrose molecules is no longer regular, but rather messy. The change of this structure can be measured by melting point, the sucrose molecule has a specific melting point, the temperature will no longer change when the heat melts, and the cotton sugar wire has no specific melting point, and the temperature of the melt is rising gradually. The rapid rotation of sucrose through the silk mouth becomes a long filamentous substance, which is like cotton.

Cotton candy machine is a large bowl of machine, the central part of the machine is a very high temperature heating cavity, the heat breaks the structure of the crystal, sugar into syrup. There are some holes in the heating chamber that are smaller than the size of the granulated sucrose. When the sugar rotates at high speed in the heating chamber, the centrifugal force sprays the syrup near the "big Bowl" from the small hole. The smaller the volume, the faster it solidifies, because the liquid material is related to its volume at a cold solidification rate. As a result, the researchers designed small holes in the heating cavity, only 50 microns, and the syrup ejected from the pores immediately condensed into a solid-state sugar thread that would not stick together.