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Precautions for the operating procedures of press machines

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 22, 2017

1. The use and safekeeping of the press must be responsible to the person, special, dedicated, specifically, prohibit the operation of the Machine shield.

2. Before the use of personnel, must be proficient in mastering and learning the performance of the press, model, verification of efficiency and use of the method and the emergence of a variety of problems can be promptly excluded.

3. Operators must operate in accordance with standard specifications, to put the safety in the first place, the operator must wear work clothes, wearing a work cap, lesbians must put the plait in the CAP, the operator is strictly prohibited to wear sleeve loose clothing, need to wear tight cuffs corsets clothing, long hair must be set to wear a safety helmet to operate or near the machine.

4. Care for equipment, maintenance, cleaning, to maximize the use of the product.

5. In addition to switch off the press, you must also disconnect the total power supply, beware of electric shocks, please consult the local power workers.

6. When the press machine is running, it is strictly prohibited to use the hand or other parts of the body near the cut and break knife (there is danger of injury).