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Tea packaging to diversify the development of mechanical equipment behind the driving force

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 25, 2018

Since ancient times, China has become a tea-drinking country. In the Yuan Dynasty Zaju, it was described as "seven things in the morning", meaning that these seven things are unable to leave no matter what is impoverished. In the long history of the river, tea and medicine, flowers and other items combine to develop a variety of forms. So even with the economic development, people have more choices for food, the demand for tea is still not reduced, the Chinese New Year holiday guests coming, most people are still accustomed to soaking a cup of hot tea to show the importance of urban white-collar workers prefer floral tea Attitude and fragrance; people who are in need of conditioning tend to choose a tea for themselves ...


Tea is easily affected by the environment mildew, moisture and other phenomena lead to inedible, so in the market circulation appeared in a variety of tea packaging: triangular packaging, bags, strips, small cans ... ... Compared to the previous simple Oil and paper packaging for circulation, these tea packaging moisture, anti-odor evaporation, preservation and other functions have been further updated, behind this, the development of tea packaging machinery contributed.