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Catering, frozen goods, instant noodles companies get together hot pot 2 3

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 31, 2018

All parties want to rub the tuyere, but they are not professional


Looking at the current hot pot from the participants, catering, snack foods, frozen food businesses, instant noodles business, although they have their own strengths, but in this product are not hot pot, and to some extent, it can be said Are rubbing this hot product "outlet", want to make this product long-term business with very few.


In 2017, first, some hot pot enterprises go slant fences and started a convenient hot pot. Their advantage is that once consumers agree that the brand's hot pot, to accept the brand's convenient hot pot is also more natural, described as "seamless docking." The fact also proves that the online sales data of the hotpot enterprises are rather impressive. The sales volume of a convenient hotpot at Tiandahan has exceeded 770,000 boxes on Tmall. The sea fishing a convenient pot in sales last month, Lynx can reach 56,000 boxes.


However, hot pot is an industrial product, whether it is the production or future market expansion, and the restaurant industry has a huge difference, hot pot restaurants in this area of birth defects, as its important shortcomings.


Due to higher brand awareness, although the instant noodles enterprises into the later, but the advantages of its offline channels can not be ignored. Needless to say that the distribution of super-business, small terminals are pervasive, offline sales of the best schools, cafes, convenience stores, etc. are involved. The product itself is also over instant noodles to facilitate hot pot, higher consumer acceptance.


These are the innate advantages of instant noodles business, but from the current revealed information point of view, the unified entry is more like the face of shrinking instant noodles market, performance decline of a business line to expand the trial, just test the water, the right The hope given to the product is not great, it is likely to just try it.


Compared to the hot pot companies and instant noodles enterprises, frozen products enterprises to join the more obvious advantages in the brand awareness and distribution of online and offline channels is far less than the previous two strong, but it is not without merit, or in the ingredients Achieved a certain degree of differentiation. For example, Sanquan, Haixin convenient hot pot to join their own production of hot pot pills, not only to achieve the food ingredients, but also added a layer of food safety protection. However, in addition to hot pot pills, other food materials packages are still unable to avoid "a combination of" common problems.