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Why hot-air circulation tunnel sterilization dryer favored1

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 11, 2018

In the antibiotic bottle small volume injection drug production line, the antibiotic glass bottle is in direct contact with the powder or liquid medicine package, the corresponding aseptic production process requires the bottle to be dried and pyrogen-free sterilization. Tunnel sterilizing dryer is antibiotic bottles for sterilization, drying and pyrogen removal equipment, usually dry heat sterilization, dry hot and hot air often parallel flow and far-infrared heating two.


Tunnel-type sterilization dryer is the overall tunnel-type structure, divided into preheating section, high temperature sterilization section, the cooling section of three parts, antibacterial glass bottles after sterilization to 100 cleanliness requirements, bacterial endotoxin dropped 3 Logarithmic units and microorganisms may not be detected.