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Deep processing of fish to refine the gorgeous leaping gantry1

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 28, 2018

The last article wrote the meaning of "rich" yuba, the background was a message to tell the author that this dish is a bit unlucky, obviously just homophonic, and many areas do not serve as a must-have dinner dishes on the table. However, China has a large population and a large variety of New Year's dishes. This series is not based on the standards of the New Year's dinner in a single area. Today I find a high degree of acceptance of the New Year raw materials - fish. The meaning of "fish more than a year," the large number of fish, aquatic products in the high degree of popularity as aquatic products.


In the New Year's Eve, the fish can achieve their own delicious taste through various cooking means. In the deep processing and utilization, with the increasingly sophisticated technology and equipment, all parts of the fish can be fully utilized, the product gradually expanded to diversify, there have been condiments, snack foods, fish balls, fish oil and other products .


The market potential of processed fish products into snack foods is huge. According to the author, a company in Hubei Province can achieve a profit of 300 million yuan a year by making snack fish snacks. Common products are dried fish, canned fish, dried fish need to use drying equipment canned fish usually use aluminum foil packaging, with food safety and portable features. However, the updating of the snack foods has been a long process of iteration and is limited by the further development of technical equipment. Therefore, related enterprises are also required to further increase R & D efforts to develop consumer favorite fish snack foods.