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Do not over-worship Western-style food machinery4

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 27, 2018

According to the author, in terms of innovation, domestic enterprises have made breakthrough achievements and more and more enterprises are opening the door of the market through innovation. The author has learned that Xingke Tropical Crops Engineering and Technology Company has paid special attention to innovation and has successfully broken through the key technologies of exogenous enzyme assisted fermentation and fragrant technology and directed extraction of active ingredients, the key technologies of clean and efficient pepper processing, the key technologies of flavor chocolate processing and so on. In addition, its research and development and production equipment more than 300 Taiwan (sets), and has the national scientific and technological achievements and nearly 20 invention patents, greatly enhance the market competitiveness.


In fact, both the purchase of Korean products, or the purchase of Japanese goods, can not blindly ocean, while ignoring the strength of domestic products, such as food machinery and equipment. In recent years, the domestic food machinery manufacturing industry is accumulating, its product quality continues to improve, innovation and research and development strength continues to increase. In addition, many companies have successfully developed machinery and equipment exported to foreign countries, the domestic food machinery and equipment Call!