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Deep processing of fish to refine the gorgeous leaping gantry3

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 03, 2018

Modern studies have found that bones, fish skin and other by-products contain a variety of bioactive peptides, is an excellent material for the production of functional raw materials. To this end, some enterprises will fish bone hydrolysis temperature aging, and then using nano-technology is processed into bone calcium powder, and then made into high-calcium fish balls, fish steak and other products. Some enterprises also purchased equipment such as enzymolysis reaction tank, spray drying equipment, frame filter, integrated membrane separation equipment, low temperature enrichment system and decolorization reactor to form a production line. Skin, fish scale and fish bone were combined in the production line by controlled enzymolysis Membrane separation method, processed white, non-fish deep-sea fish collagen peptide products. Intestinal wastes such as fish intestine are cooked, squeezed, and separated to obtain fish oil, which is a health care product that prevents hypertension, arteriosclerosis and other diseases.


For fish condiments, caviar must be known to most people. Caviar is the raw material of fish eggs, the international prevalence of pasteurized fish eggs for sterilization, by this way, the fish will be more compact. However, the subsequent storage and transport conditions are very harsh, the temperature needs to be maintained at minus three degrees to zero on the third. In addition, Quanzhou flavor seasoning and Fujian Normal University to develop deep-sea low-value fish condiment, breaking the deep-sea low-value fish into a new type of seafood condiment technology bottlenecks.


As of this article, I have analyzed the common food ingredients for Yuba, chicken, dumplings, rice cakes and fish, and basically completed the author's conception of this series. The New Year's Eve series of foods are all food products that are commonly used in our daily life. How to make these food products more effective through further processing and utilization is exactly what the series has been trying to convey.