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Deep processing of fish to refine the gorgeous leaping gantry2

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 01, 2018

Surimi is a fish ball, fish sausage, fish rolls and other food raw materials. How to prevent protein denaturation due to freezing become a problem in the process of making surimi. In the past, people will add mixed additives such as phosphates in the process of fish chopping, which can not only effectively prevent the frozen denaturation of the surimi protein, but also increase the elasticity and the effect of increasing the ionic strength. However, with the widely accepted concept of big health, people gradually avoid the possibility of additives. In order to comply with this trend, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, deputy director of the Institute of Food Science and Technology, Professor Zhang Yi, director of Food Nutrition Department led the team to use modern food biotechnology to transform the traditional process, combined with vacuum chopping technology to develop high-quality surimi, groundbreaking To solve the technical constraints surimi processing bottlenecks.


Fish is taken out into minced fish, then the rest of the scrap how to deal with? We know that if the fish simply remove the flesh, the remaining head, skin, fish bones, internal organs and other leftovers account for about half of the fish. In the past, most of these scraps were sold to animal feed processing plants and made into feedstuffs for cats, dogs and other pets, and their economic value was not fully utilized. Now, through further extraction of scraps from equipment, these products have gradually become eaten or health-care.