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Why hot-air circulation tunnel sterilization dryer favored2

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 12, 2018

According to the different types, the general tunnel sterilizing and drying machine is divided into two kinds according to the form of heat sterilization. The first is hot air circulation (ie hot air parallel flow) and the other is far infrared radiation. The common points are dry heat sterilization.


Far-infrared radiation tunnel sterilizing and drying machine is a native product, which is characterized by sterilization and drying by radiant heat and hot air laminar flow to bring the dual role of hot air, heat penetration; spare parts costs are relatively low . However, the far-infrared radiation tunnel sterilizing dryer is not perfect: by the air flow interference and heating tube opening and closing more influential, on the second section of the oven before and after the wind pressure control have higher requirements; due to the heating of the ease The length of the cabinet is determined to be longer than the hot air circulation type. Only the entire bottle can be pushed in to make the temperature of the bottle basically the same, which can basically ensure that the heat penetration indexes are consistent.