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Central signal to stimulate rural economic development of food machinery for its icing on the cake 3

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 09, 2018

Diversified food machinery and equipment to promote the perfect appearance of agricultural products


Although there are so many local products and different production processes, we still need the help of packaging machinery if we are to face the market. Packaging machinery and equipment such as vacuum packaging machines, air-conditioned packaging machines and other food and oxygen can be isolated from contact, so that the storage of difficult native products to extend the shelf life, spread to more distant places. In addition, a sense of design packaging can also enhance the native product image. Take cakes as an example. Hong Kong's wife cake, Taiwan's pineapple cakes won the unanimous approval of tourists because of high-end product design and packaging.


In addition, in some areas, native products are smoked and preserved foods. In some places, the production of raw materials is out of specification and excessive pesticides are used. In some workshops, the production environment may be troublesome and may involve food safety problems. Food is needed Security testing equipment always ready. As far as I know, in order to ensure food safety, Xiamen Institute has introduced a number of instruments and equipment to expand its testing capability. Currently, it can test more than 680 projects and build a protective wall for the safety of local food products.


Of course, food safety is not just about testing equipment. Equally important is food sterilization equipment. In our country, sterilization methods such as microwave sterilizing equipment, ultraviolet sterilizing equipment, sterilizing pot and irradiation sterilizing equipment have been perfected. Local specialty products need to be targeted according to their own characteristics in the process of batch production.


At present, the central document number one has not been released, there are many other speculations in the industry. But what is clear is that the ever-improving food machinery and equipment industry will surely be a big boost to the development of rural industries.