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Central signal to stimulate rural economic development of food machinery for its icing on the cake 1

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 07, 2018

As the Lunar New Year approached, the agricultural stock market started to move ahead of schedule. The reason for this is that the soon-to-be-promulgated document of the Central Document No. 1 will be highly anticipated by those who are concerned about current affairs in the agricultural field. We know that at present the document No. 1 of the Central Government has now become a proper term for the CPC Central Committee to attach importance to rural areas. According to the analysis of the insiders, the first document of the Central Government to be announced this year will focus on the strategy of rejuvenating the country.


When it comes to rejuvenating the countryside, the first reaction of many people's minds is to vigorously develop their native products. Hometown native products are usually only superficial processing of agricultural products, to expand the scale of operations to be faced with human resources problems, and therefore need the help of food machinery and equipment. With the continuous expansion of the scale of food machinery and equipment, the current food machinery and equipment has been able to cover almost all of the native products category.