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Catering, frozen goods, instant noodles companies get together hot pot 1

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 29, 2018

From 2017 onwards, the convenience of hot pot as a new category of rapid rise, high profits lead the line grab food. Catering enterprises such as sea fishing, Hom Hom, Dezhuang, cold-food companies such as Sanquan, Haixin, casual snacks companies such as good products shop, new hope, and enterprises will have unified reunification.

Many brands are also their front-line chiefs in their field, the market noise, the big guy really can self-hot pot do? Wang Guanqun, a veteran FMCG marketing expert who once worked in the instant noodle industry for many years, can be said to be a veteran of the FMCG industry. In his view, objectively speaking, the current forces of all parties are not very reliable.


Disadvantages one


Audience, single scene, limited space for development


Convenience hot pot up, thanks to the "one-man food" ethnic group growth and consumption upgrade. 35% of hot pot users are white-collar office workers, followed by students, and again the tourist crowd. FMCG expert Wang Guanqun said, "The channel sales data can better prove this point, convenience stores under the office building, school supermarkets, Internet cafes, scenic spots is a relatively high sales."


High profit margins, loved by the new generation of consumer groups is the main reason for the rapid rise of hot pot. A box of 35 yuan price of convenience hot pot does not exceed 10 yuan, to facilitate the hot pot gross margin is much higher than the traditional hot pot companies. More importantly, the consumer groups that facilitate hotpot are all new-generation consumer groups, which is also an important reason why many enterprises are involved in the convenient hotpot industry.


But I must admit that, from the industrial side and the consumer side of the combination of view, the category is also subject to price, food quality, food safety and other factors, the future development of space will be limited. In the industry, "specific products for the consumption of niche products", "limited audience, just a gust of red net" and other questions, never stopped. Although all major companies have joined the market, they all understand that the market is far from so big.