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Operation notes of the steamed bun machine

Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 22, 2017

1. Open die Plate cover plate, add a small amount of smooth oil or smooth grease between the blades.

2. Power supply (must have grounding protection) after the check the pros and cons, the closure of the various switches to let the mechanical empty operation, to see whether the department is deformed.

3. When trying to do, first close the forming switch, and then closed the conditioning surface pump switch, will knead good noodles into the bucket until the stiff made hollow stuffed buns, and then conditioning for the filling button, according to the proportion of the request to make the first named skin weight, close the surface pump switch.

4. Closed filling pump switch, stuffing into the stuffing bucket, so that the stuffing from the head out, until filling filled with filling pump, can be closed to open the surface to stop.

5. When the filling surface column is formed by molding, the complete steamed bun, through the process conditioning (for filling conditioning), so that the size of the dumplings to the request and the proportion of the skin filling.